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Security Screening Systems

Crimsafe Window Security Screens

The Crimsafe® Window security screens is a perfect fit for all shapes and sizes of external panels. These non-moving panels offer vault-like security to your home against any would-be trespassers.

They can be easily installed to fit over screens of all shapes and configurations ranging from curved windows, to insect screens or even flat panels that are not perfectly square. It’s suitable for ground level installations while allowing adequate airflow into your home to ensure your home stays cool during the summer months without the need to install unsightly grills to maintain security.


Security Bars for Louvres

You no longer have to feel like a prisoner in your home by your window security. Security bars offer a visually seamless solution to window security for louvre system window. The horizontal bars do not hinder your view and are fitted with interconnecting anti-jimmy wire between each bar.

They are affordable, practical and secure being made from high strength aluminium. Best of all they can be retro-fitted to your existing louvred window system.


Phantom Screens

Phantom Screens & Doors provide versatility with a retracting mechanism that allows you to use the screen as and when you need it. When it is not in use, it can simply be retracted into a semi-cassette. With everything you would expect from a screen, including ventilation, UV and insect protection and a seamless visual aspect to the outdoors.

These screens will fit most applications, can be powder-coat finished to suit your décor and have a lifetime guarantee.


Crimsafe Ultimate Patio Enclosures

Crimsafe Ultimate Patio Enclosures are designed to provide top levels of security to your patios without compromising on style. It can easily be installed in an existing space or be used to create a brand new secured enclosure that’s both literally and figuratively cool.

Our patented industrial-grade mesh technology secures and provides structural integrity to the expansive heights and openings of your home to withstand the toughest of impacts while keeping out bugs and intruders so that you can enjoy spending more quality time outdoors.


Crimsafe Ultimate

What if we told you that there is an upgraded Crimsafe system out there that provides the ultimate strength, ultimate benefits and ultimate style? Introducing the Crimsafe Ultimate.

It is the tougher and improved version of our iconic Crimsafe system that is 40% stronger and seven times stronger than the singular impact levels required by the Australian homes. Safe to say, it provides you with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that your home is secured and safe by one of the best around.


Crimsafe Sliding Safe-S-Cape

Slide away towards safety with the Crimsafe® Sliding Safe-S-Cape® when emergencies happen. It’s a great screening option for wider frames that provides additional security that can be custom fitted across a wide variety of single and multi-panel sliding platforms.

Its patented screw-clamp technology also provides you with peace of mind knowing that it can securely ward off the most threatening of home-intruders and the smallest of bugs at the same time.


Crimsafe Security Doors

Making the main entrance to your home the most secure entry point should be a top priority for any homeowner out there. Keep intruders out, keep children safe inside and more importantly keep your home looking good with a variety of stylish offerings that suits a wide range of home décors.

Crimsafe Security Doors provides the ultimate security barrier to your home without compromising on design with its custom-made-to-measure designs available for hinged doors, single or double sliding doors, bi-fold doors, French doors and even stacking doors to keep your family safe where it matters regardless of the size of the door.


Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape Security System

Emergencies can happen at any time and when it does you would always be prepared with a quick exit route that gets you and your family out of harms way. The Crimsafe Safe-S-Cape Security System is made just for that.

With a single push of a bottom, the keyless windows unlock from the inside and gives you access to the world beyond it. The window swings either in or out when opened to allow you to make the smoothest escape possible, it’s your call!


Insect Screens

There is no doubting, insect screens for your windows and doors are a necessity in Australia. With the affordable and durable Tuff Mesh, you can enjoy the fresh air without a care for creepy crawlies.

Face fix or fit insect screens to your existing window tracks and choose a powder-coated finish to perfectly complement your home. Our insect screens are made to measure and suit any window application.


Crimsafe Fire Attenuation & Shading Coefficient

Crimsafe screens show a rating for attenuation of radiant heat flux of 45% for Fire Attenuation. This means that half of the heat from a fire source on the other side of the screen does not transfer through Crimsafe mesh.

Crimsafe has the added benefit of reducing the amount of solar heat entering in through your windows by up to 53%, which will help keep your home cooler and reduce the use of conditioning, thus saving power.


Crimsafe Cyclone Debris Screens

When cyclone season comes around, you’ll be glad that your home windows are impact-proof. The wind-tested Crimsafe® Cyclone Debris Screens capable of absorbing projectile impacts kicked up by powerful gusts up to 392 km/ph

It should form a core part of your property’s cyclone protection plan to give you peace of mind during the roughest of days. The superior structural protection offered by Crimsafe® Cyclone Debris Screens also makes it corrosion resistant, offers great bushfire debris protection and secured against intruders. Despite its tough exterior, the screens are also very breathable and allows for adequate airflow to circulate within the confines of your home


Crimsafe Colonial Castings

All the security with added visual attraction, Crimsafe Colonial Cast Doors offer a traditional look to your home’s exterior. Made from cast aluminium, these secure and durable old-style looking security doors add some character and charm to your doorways.

They suit both sliding and hinged doors and can be manufactured as a Safety Screen Door. Being available in any powder coat finish, you can perfectly match the door to your home’s exterior colour scheme.


007 Security Screens & Doors

With an array of added extras, our 7mm made-to-measure aluminium security doors and screens are not only a highly secure way to protect your home and family, but they also offer you so many optional extras to meet your lifestyle needs - triple point lock pet doors, lock guards, water closers, privacy mesh and heavy-duty pet mesh.

DABSCO’s 7mm Aluminium Security Doors and screens are fitted with a security lockset as standard, three tamper-resistant hinges and a self-closing device. Secure but beautiful also, these security doors can be custom coloured with a powder coat finish to perfectly complement your home’s colour scheme.

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