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Bradnam's Doors & Windows

Bradnam’s Awning/Casement Windows

Incorporating the best of modern sleek design with the traditional solid sash mechanism, these casement windows are highly energy efficient and provide superior weather protection.

The optional sash winder provides assured protection during high winds, preventing the window from closing. With optional screens for insects and added security, you are guaranteed comfortable living.


Bradnam’s Arched and Raked Windows

These windows are perfect for added architectural interest in your home. Enjoy extensive views without the visual obstructions. They are available in 52mm, 67mm or 100mm frames, are fully sealed and accommodate UV reducing glass.

For added comfort, you can choose optional acoustic glass for added sound proofing. Perfect for studios, TV rooms and offices.


Bradnam’s Double Hung Windows

With adjustable top and bottom hung sashes, Bradnams double hung windows provide flexibility when it comes to ventilation and a sleek finish. The balanced system makes opening and closing the windows a breeze.

Great for walkways where you don’t want any obtrusion from outward opening windows, the double hung window is also available with a fixed sash providing extra security and safety if required, alongside optional locking systems.


Bradnam’s Sliding Windows 

With at least one sash sliding horizontally, Bradnam’s Sliding Windows are completely adjustable for ventilation, greater energy efficiency and comfort. The sliding mechanism is whisper quiet and requires little maintenance.

Compatible with all other products in the Bradnam range, the windows enhance your home’s style with its sleek design and concealed rails. Keep your home weatherproof with the full joint sealing and extra secure with key handles and vent locks.


Bradnam’s Fixed Lite Windows 

Enhance your view and light with Fixed Lite Windows. They are perfect for areas where you do not need added air-flow but want to enhance your aspect. 

Fixed Lite Windows are static windows and thus are open to many design possibilities such as circular, arched or rakes. So if you want to add some dimension to your architectural design, Fixed Lite Windows can really become a feature.


Bradnam’s Louvre Windows

Give your home access to cool breezes through the hottest of days while making it stand out from everyone else in the neighborhood with the timeless design qualities of the Bradnams Louvre Windows.

Having a constant stream of cool breeze flowing within the confines of your home helps with lowering those power bills by letting Mother Nature do the work for you. Bradnams Louvre Windows gives you full control of this with options to fully open and change the pitch of your galleries.


Bradnam’s Stacking Doors 

Seamlessly merge both your indoor and outdoor living spaces to extend and open up more living space for you and your loved ones at home with the Bradnam’s Stacking Doors.

These lovely doors enable a clear air passageway between your home areas, allowing clean flowing lines which maximises your view to the great outdoors by reducing needless obstructions in between the two areas.


Bradnam’s Sliding Doors 

Find the perfect balance between practicality and style with the Bradnam’s Sliding Doors. It’s heavy-duty, easy-clean frame is designed with durability in mind and fits any home interior configuration to help maximize views and natural light for you.

You can also rest easy knowing that the high quality door seals on the Bradnam Sliding Doors keeps out creepy crawlies and the elements from intruding into your home as its durable frame slides effortlessly across it’s sturdy rails to provide reliable home insulation and reduce noise.


Bradnam’s French Doors 

Whether you select traditional colonial bars or clear panels, the French door is an elegant and practical way to open up your living area, allowing access to the outdoors. It comes in a range of sizes to suit the style and proportions of your home while serving as a great to expand limited interior spacing by having the capability to swing out. 

Side windows can also be included in the frame. This door-set can be conveniently opened one side at a time, allowing you to control the traffic flow, ventilation, and security according to the situation.


Bradnam’s Bi-Fold Door & Window

Give your entertaining area unobstructed views, natural light and ventilation to the great outdoors. The bi-fold door and window creates a section of moving glass wall that opens up space to your home interior.

You also have a choice of left or right opening directions to suit any home layout to allow you to quickly slide in and out of your home effortlessly while also giving you the option of adding a single entry door for daily use.

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